Jerry Burley


Jerry Burley is married with two sons has lived in Uganda for almost 20 years. Most of that time was spent in remote areas of the country managing equipment, vehicles, machinery and people, mostly for multi-national Corporations that, despite being isolated, still demanded the highest level of productivity, safety, environmental and ethical standards.

Jerry is used to performing in extreme conditions. His background includes being a Chartered Engineer, serving in the British Territorial Army and most recently worked as a Logistics Manager for recently-privatised electricity distribution industry in Uganda. Jerry's experience is unrivalled in all aspects of supply chain management, logistics and problem-solving in East Africa.

An avid sports writer and photographer in his spare time, he is also involved in a small but growing TV production company and until very recently coached the Uganda National Rugby Team as fitness coach.

Jerry is also a founder-director of Lake Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to saving life on water and protecting the marine environment. Jerry has extensive knowledge of marine matters in the region.

Added to this, his contacts across the region are extensive giving East African Cranes a huge range of externally sourced, quality options to meet any client's expectations and requirements.